What will you do if you win?

What will you do if you win? Who knows? I know when I make money I like to let it simmer in the pocket for a little bit, take a few extra glances at the bank account just to see how it looks and just know that I have a little cushion I can depend on. Either that or blow it all in ten seconds on the love of your life. It’s up to you, who are we kidding, everyone has their own way of spending and we here at Funstakes don’t judge. You want to eat steak and lobster for three weeks straight go ahead. You feel like taking a pontoon boat out and hooking some big mouth bass, eat your heart out, and the fishes. You want to get your lady some new clothes that she’s been asking for, go ahead, patch up that relationship and thank us later. We’ve got couples therapists on speed dial too if you need one.