I know the toaster is ringing, the kids are yelling, your significant other is asking what the dinner plan is, but none of that matters right now. What matters is that you stay with Funstakes, have some laughs, pick out your favorite jokes and play again for the chance to win some extra money. Why wouldn’t you? The kids can wait, they’ll be loud for another 6 years and they won’t get along with each other for another 10. Me and my brother didn’t get along until we were 15 and 17 when I woke up one day and realized none of the other kids on the street wanted to let me play basketball with them and my brother with a bagel stuck in his teeth and breath like a homeless dragon stared at me as if to say, “I can play basketball too you know.” And from that day on the two of us got long. So don’t stress out on a few holes in the doors and carpet stains that won’t come out, just find an easy way to patch up the walls and stay with us. Of course, if you have daughters, disregard everything I just said and welcome home!