Why We Need New Players and The Best Games to Play!

As a sweepstakes website, our business is driven by our players. With loyal players, we are able to offer the amazing prizes and cash opportunities you see on the site today. However, we hope that with the new players that come across our site, we will be able to give out even better prizes in the future! Thus, we ask that if Funstakes is your site of choice, you make sure to enter as many games as possible per day, as it is you and players like you that keep us alive! Further, it would be greatly appreciated if our loyal players shared our site with friends and family. With our variety of prizes and games, we believe that Funstakes has something fun for everyone. If you share our site with other players, they have the chance to win, too. Plus, the new player base will allow us to give out bigger cash prizes, which is good for you!

Additionally, we know that time is precious, and that some of our players may not be able to enter every sweepstake that we post on the site. If time is limited, we recommend that you play the daily cash sweepstakes, as these are certainly your best chance to win. You can enter these multiple times a day, and with our quick and efficient interface, it is extremely easy to enter up to 10 times. By using the maximum number of entries allowed on these sweeps, you’ll be winning in no time!